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vegetables and vegetarian food

Vegetarian Friendly

Many of the restaurants in and around town have an option for vegetarians. It may be a bit more challenging to find a vegan meal unless you order a salad.

gluten-free symbol

Gluten-Free Options

You’ll find gluten-free options at several eateries down Mt. Rushmore Rd. Here in Custer, we can accommodate many dietary restrictions.

steamed milk poured to make a cappuccino

Cafés and Bakeries

There’s nothing quite like a fresh pastry in the morning with a cappuccino or latte. Try one of the local shops.

casual dining food on a table

Casual Dining

Most restaurants around here are pretty casual. Jeans are even appropriate for most of the steak houses.

juicy bacon cheeseburger on a plate with a pint of beer

Burger Joints

Enjoy the South Dakota hospitality at one of the several burger joints around. At the Custer Vacation Home, we have a BBQ and you can always grill your own.

grilled steak on a plate with vegetables

Steak Houses

You won’t find fancy plating of the food, but it sure will be tasty. Whether you try a buffalo burger or a steak, it’s almost guaranteed to please.

glass of port wine for wine tasting

Wine Tasting

While we don’t have nearly as many wineries as Napa, the ones we have on both sides of the state are pretty awesome. Plus, there are always events during the summer.

waiting to drink a pint of beer at a pub

Brew Pubs

With more than two dozen breweries in the state, we have our fair share over here in the Black Hills. You can’t go wrong with a cold pint at a brew pub.

Inside the grocery store highlighting the produce

Grocery Stores

In Custer, we do have a grocery store with reasonable prices. If they don’t carry what you want, your best bet is a drive to Rapid City where they have Safeway, along with a Mexican market and a Chinese market.

A chef cooking Chinese food in a wok

Chinese Food

Rapid City, which is about an hour away, gives you an option of about 10 different Chinese restaurants. You’ll also find Mexican, Italian, and just about anything else you would have in your home town.

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