National Parks Near the Black Hills

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National Parks Service

The National Parks Service has a huge responsibility to preserve the ecological and historical integrity of many amazing sites in the U.S.  We feel blessed to have several of them within a very short drive of Custer, South Dakota.

Consider buying an annual pass to the National Parks.  As you explore South Dakota and the rest of the country, you’ll find 60 National Parks managed by the National Parks Service.

Mount Rushmore National Memorial

Keystone, SD

When you visit Mount Rushmore, you can see George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincon, and Theodore Roosevelt carved out of stone.

Badlands National Park

South Dakota

The park has 244,000 acres of pure, natural beauty. Come for the fossil beds. Come to see the wildlife. Come for the most stunning views around.

Devils Tower National Monument

Devils Tower, WY

It’s possibly best known for its appearance in Close Encounters of the Third Kind. Lately, it has become a popular spot for climbing and wildlife photography.

Jewel Cave National Monument

Custer, SD

This “breathing cave” has more than 195 miles of mapped passages. Come visit and explore!

Wind Cave National Park

South Dakota

Spend an afternoon for a guided tour to view the calcite formations in this amazingly large cave. For the wildlife lovers, you’ll find above ground some elk, bison, prairie dogs, and more.

Agate Fossil Bed National Monument

Harrison, NE

A great place to visit for those interested in paleontology. It’s just a short drive south to the northwestern part of Nebraska.

U.S. Forest Service

This federal agency also has a huge responsibility to care for and manage 154 national forests and 20 grasslands. In addition to keeping everything clean and safe, they have the task of fighting fires.

When you visit these areas, be sure to follow all posted rules, including taking your trash with you. We want to keep our forests and grasslands clean and safe!

Black Hills National Forest

South Dakota and Wyoming

This 1.2 million acre forest spans from South Dakota to northeastern Wyoming. You’ll find many reservoirs, picnic areas, hiking trails, and more!

Thunder Basin National Grassland

Douglas, WY

You’ll find this grassland between the Black Hills and Big Horn Mountain. There is an abundance of wildlife and plenty of hiking opportunities.

Oglala National Grassland

Harrison, NE

Enjoy the 94,000 acres in this northwestern Nebraska grassland. Bring your hiking boots and camera.

Nebraska National Forest

Chadron, NE

Do a little hiking in this hand-planted forest. There are plenty of trails throughout.

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Badlands National Park wildlife
Badlands National Park scenic view
Badlands National Park
Nebraska National Park
Sage grouse birds in Wyoming

Beautiful Local Wildlife

While you’re visiting, you can escape the noises typical of a city. Get in touch with nature. Enjoy our beautiful wildlife as you escape your city and suburban life.

Grab Your Cameras 

In addition to a wide variety of birds, prairie dogs, and other wildlife, you will find some of the most stunning natural landscape in the country. Keep your phones and cameras charged so you don’t miss that perfect picture.

Prairie dog in the National Parks

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